Whoever it was.
I'm upset at you. That's all.
You kind of broke my trust, that's it.
How could you?
Why did you show Berry this? What would that accomplish..?
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I love you.
I hope that you will be ok.
I hope that YOU will be ok as well.
I wish that the two of you will find happiness, whether if it's together, or apart.
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To be truly in love.
What is it like? Is it what I feel? No, it shouldn't be so painful and full of tears! Anyways...this came up to me when I was listening to Bon Bon's Lovegazer. Yes. Bon Bon. That was the best I could come up with. Anyways.

Herpaderp. Ran out of happy fuel. Mad. /o/;
...My mother.
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Little things that make me paranoid.
I feel left out lately. It's not like I exactly reach out to others so I understand, but when I do attempt, I feel like I get forgotten or ignored, which often is probably NOT the case. I get reminded often that I'm not alone though, but I just tend to not reach out to others. It's my fault if anything in the end that I feel lonely or alone. I just don't feel like I "fit in" anymore. x'DDD Is that weird to say when this is the only place I've ever felt like I belonged? I'm extra mope-y because I'm at that "time of the month" I'm sure. However, I hate how it feels like in order for me to continue to be remembered, I have to continually chase and cling to these relationships. Without the internet for a couple of days, I feel completely left behind because every day moves quickly. One day I will learn to do better and balance myself out. I've just been feeling "Sayoko" lately. |'DDD I get like this when I lack human interaction. I feel like I haven't talked much and when I don't, I hate the quiet. It will be ok.

Why do I shut myself out when I desperately want to tell someone?
It annoys even me.
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Happy S.A.D a 19th year in a row!
|'DDDD Haha.

I hope he's happy today..or will be happy today...and every day. Another year should not be any different. It's just when I was in school I never had feelings for someone on this day and well, these last two years have been..well..meh. Since I've liked Berry. Why do I do this to myself? I don't understand it at all. This day does make me bitter and lonely. I know why...and it's all stupid reasons. From 5th grade to 8th grade, it was just a day for the basketball guys to make fun of me about being too weird or too fat/ugly to get a Valentine. I think the worst was 8th grade when one of them bought a rose gram for me because they felt bad for me. I didn't want "pity." It was implying this was something to feel bad for. I hate my personality of forgiving, but never forgetting. I think it was worse because I liked that guy before..and he found out in a really bad way. It's ok. I'mma have dinner with Jellyfish today. o u o)// Everything will work out in the end.

Moping before class. Alright. = u=)v
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