I'm a fan girl. I can't help it. I like many things and tend to enjoy showing my adoration towards those things in the weirdest ways. I also fan girl over many, many people. OTL There's just too many amazingly talented people in the YT community. I like bishounens in animes. I'm not going to lie, that I'd enjoy them in real life, but then anime bishounen, I can be shallow over. Real guys being that sparkly pretty means nothing if they've got a rotten personality. Most of the bishounen guys I've met online so far have been very kind and friendly. They've got the looks and the heart to go with it. Anime guys, I'll fan girl just because they're handsome. Sometimes, I'll like them because they're handsome AND kind, because come on. Anime guys have it all. OTL DARN THOSE LUCKY ANIME GIRLS. /shot

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