o__o Age?
Age is but a number! A number to put on the years we've lived and experienced life. My favorite pen just died. .__. I love them so much. They're called EnerGel by Pentel. They're amazing. Liquid Gel Ink. TT///w///TT THIS GIRL'S NOTE TAKING PEN HEAVEN~ Yes, I'm weird, but I'm sure everyone has their random crazy preferences. Mine just happens to be...pens. o__o I'M AN ARTIST. LEAVE ME ALONE. TT A TT NO ONE UNDERSTANDDDDSSSS---!! Oh, who am I kidding. xDD But yes, I love .05 pencils and pens. The thinner the better. However, thinner than .03 then no. =A="

I just wrote a mini blog entry about pens.
Berry, why won't you tell me anything anymore?
I feel like my worth as a friend is diminishing day by day.
I'm not sure if that's your intent, but I'm starting to feel worthless.
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