I'm really bored today. OTL SORRY..!!
But, I've thought long and hard what I truly want for my birthday. It's really, really dumb. I just want those two phone calls Berry gave me last year. One at 11 pm on July 11th, making sure he'd be the first to wish me happy birthday, and one at 11 pm on July 12th, making sure he'd be the last person to wish me happy birthday. It'll probably not happen, due to that being the same time Grapefruit signs on. It's ok. I'd be happy if he remembers to wish me happy birthday. It's mean, but I just feel like I'm just of convenience. It gets scary to think about it, but I let myself be there, simply because I want to. I'm a stupid girl, but that's all I want. The two calls. If I don't get it, it's ok. It's been a year, he probably doesn't remember. x'DDD How I miss those days where I felt like he actually wanted to talk to me, how I felt like I wasn't a bother. If I could relive them, I'd cherish them more than I do now. I'd promise.
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