My wish this year didn't come true.
He wasn't the first this year. I know it probably shouldn't even matter, but he hasn't wished me it at all so far. ...Oh well. Mah, I knew the outcome when he put me on hold. I just hope it wasn't with Bitter Melon. YES. FRUIT AND VEGGIE NAMES. WTF. But yeah, I knew, so why can't I stop the tears. It was supposed to be happy. Stop crying. I'm so stupid. AHHHH---!! OTL

I'm really, really bad at holding back tears. I'm crying over a really dumb thing too and I KNOW it's dumb, but yeah, it hurts a lot right now. I lie a lot. I told him I was gonna go sleep, but yeah. HERE I AM, PROBABLY GOING TO STAY UP TIL' 6 IN THE MORNING. Stupid thing was, I even hinted at it, and it didn't even PASS his mind. God, I love shoujos and dating sims but those things ROT your mind. I TOLD myself, no more, but I never listen. I my jaw hurts from trying to smile. It apparently hurts to smile when crying. xDD You're being stupid i-chan. Get the fuck over it.
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