Beautiful World.
No sketch today. Meh, ALREADY BROKE THE VOW. L-LOL. OTL I will make it up for an actual drawing tomorrow or later "today." Every time Berry says they're gay for some reason it aches in my chest area. IT GETS LIKE THAT WHEN I READ SHOUJO TOO, LIKE...IT SERIOUSLY ITCHES. OTL I know what it's for. I don't know why I feel like that though. I think it's because I can't shake off the guy I knew last summer who told me he liked girls more. It's not a good fit either way. Why can't I let this go? It frustrates me. Am I going to wait forever..?! Internet's going to be cut off soon due to moving. I know who I'm going to miss the most. It's really dumb. I can't make him happy, at least, not the way it matters. Should I leave? If I do, before I go, I can give that jerk a huge, long lecture. >:T Ah, I'm being a busybody in my mind. It amazes me how I keep forgetting he's older than me. OTL It's weird. When he graduated high school, I graduated middle school. Weird, right? Would a high school senior even talk to an 8th grader? OTL I don't know why I'm rushing, but I'd really like to find someone who loves me in a romantic way as well. It's tiring to love him so much and it's not returned. Of course that's my own doing. Meh. Blah. BACK TO EDITING ESSAYS..!! OTL

Beautiful boy, you still don't know your own beauty.
Beautiful boy, look at yourself.
You don't understand how you shine like the stars.
;__; Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World is on.
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