It is time to see that this is how all the small children become adults.

I could never ask for any better friends than the ones I have now. Seriously. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. They made my day amazing. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling birthday.

I honestly felt like I had two birthdays because of all my international friends from Skype and YouTube. ;___; Danny, Fruu, and Kenta all wished me happy birthday a bit earlier due to different timezones. TT___TT THE CRYING MARATHON ALSO BEGAN THIS DAY. OTL "Voldemort" started the first "international" birthday greeting. TTwTT I then saw a post on my Facebook from Kenta with a link to deviantArt. ; A ; He drew me with my two fictional bishounen boy toys favorite anime males. It was too cute and if they were next to me like that, oh gawd. It then moved on to Fruu later greeting me on Skype and sending me a file with a short cover of Let's Promise. Yes, I cried, a lot. OTL I think Razzy was in call with me when I opened it. L-LOL. It was pretty, ok? ; n ; Plus, that was one of my favorites in May. Kirby also did a really awesome English cover of Time Machine that day. TT w TT I honestly felt like it was my birthday that day and it was special. TT__TT)// I love them.

It started out a little rough from my own personal issues, but yeah. July 11th, when it hit midnight, the birthday greeting barrages began. Lucy was the first to wish me happy birthday on smack dab the start. x'DDD Gawd, I felt tired and ended up sleeping earlier than I had planned. All I can tell was at 2, I got a LOT of ghetto text messages from Ling Ling. orz I also had Facebook on my phone so, it was beeping all the time when I was sleeping. I bet my snoring covered it up just fine. :'DD /shot

Gawd, first thing in the morning, Caspy, Niiro, and Anba got me into a call with them and FFFFFFF--!! Niiro's present had me in tears. I couldn't stop crying and just kept LOOPING THE DARN VIDEO THAT WAS MAKING ME CRY. OTL The song was so pretty and Niiro's singing blew me away. Anba also sang BadBye and it was so epic. \(+__+)/ Emi sang me Suki Kirai and it was ; A ;!! It hit 11 and then Namine came over because she, Melissa, and I were all supposed to go to this nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch and then go bowling. It got a little awkward and I felt bad, but Namine's cousin had to tag along with her because she wasn't allowed to go out by herself. The food was good and the fortune cookies were ... weird. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Bowling came and ahahahahaha, 8'DD. It is the only "sport" I somewhat excel at it. Quite pointless, but it was fun. >__<; Melissa got a stomachache though. We got thirsty half way through our games and I gave Namine $3 to buy a drink to share and she came back with this ginormous cup of Mountain Dew. OTL I DID say "Get whatever size $3 can get us" but I didn't expect her to use up all $3. In the end, I got a really cute picture from Melissa. ; u ; It was so pretty! ; __ ; I got a lot of birthday gifts from all of my friends on YouTube. They're all so sweet and thoughtful. OTL I KIND OF JUST KEPT CRYING AFTER MELISSA LEFT. FFFF---!! Franky sang Tengaku, K-chan sang Aimo, Hisui sang Aitai, AHH---!! MIKUTAN ALSO SANG ME TOMUR. FFFF--!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Q n Q OTL Ando sent me a preview for one of his raps and I was sobbing some more..? I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY I DID THAT. OTL But, yes. I DIDN'T GET CAKE, BUT it's ok. I had an amazing day, and honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything different to happen on that day. Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday that day. It was amazing thanks to you all! >__<;


Here's thank you messages for some of ya'll because, yeah. OTL <== I'm so amazing with words. :'DD

Thank you so much for the lovely drawing! >__<; Best thing to wake up to, I swear. (Aside from either one of those men waking me up. 8'DD /shot) Anyways! Thanks, it really was a great present. I know we don't talk much, but yeah, you're my friend, and even if we're not close, if you ever need some random person to talk to. I'm mostly, if not ALWAYS online. Your antics with Anba and the Banana Kingdom are hilarious. But alas, I must defile my honor as a maid and Ishallstealthisbananaandboltforit!

FRUU---!! Q A Q I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. TT__TT)//<3 You sounded so beautiful in that cover. But, you sound good in all your covers. OTL FFFF--!! I'm so jelly that I need some peanut butter for my jelly. DD8 You always find the funniest things online and some amazing videos of singing to share. *___* Thank you for all the times you were there for me and you're really a great friend. If there's ever anything I could possibly help you with, let me know. OTL Though...I can't mix...I can't color..I can't animate...FFF---!! /shot

Thank you for the great cover of Time Machine! It's actually one of my favorites and I really liked your lyrics! ; w ; I know we don't really talk much like we did before, but it's still nice to see you in the chatroom sometimes. xDD ONE DAY, I SHALL VISIT OREGON TO SEE YOU AND MONICA. >8DD I love you! >__<)/

Daughter, I don't know where all your talent comes from, probably from your "papi" or your actual parents. (I still don't know if papi and I made you or if we picked you up by the river, but HEY, EITHER WAY, I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS IF I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. Q A Q) You are just so talented and you're also really a great friend. I love your voice and how you always are improving. I know we don't talk that much anymore, but maybe we can catch up some time soon? And, don't worry, I may have become "an adult" but I think in some way, I'll always still just be that 17 year old you met last summer.; w ;)// <3

Banana ouji-sama,
You never fail to make me laugh whenever we are in a call. Your love for Valshe, Len, and bananas is part of what makes me love you so much. You're so passionate and I really do admire that. >__< I couldn't have asked for a more kind, energetic, observant, and talented friend than you. Please keep on being just Anba. You're plenty amazing the way you are. Here's a banana! I love you! ; A ;

We've met for a while now and I feel that some times we see quite a bit eye to eye. You're a talented and sweet girl. You're also a great friend and I remember that one night I was in HK and that call we had. It was interesting and I'm here for you if you ever need someone to talk to or listen because I worry because I care and I love you. DD8

YOUR COVER, Y U SO EPIC?!! DD8 Anyways, thank you for the wonderful cover. *__* You're an awesome singer and I remember that Old Spice "Eh Ah Sou?" song you did. You're really funny and I wish we talk more. x'DD ; u ;)// I love you!

Y U SING SO CUTE AND PRETTY? YOU'RE CUTE TOO. FFF---!! I love your present a lot and you sang wonderfully! We've only kind of bonded from Mikutan's chorus but yeah, you're awesome and really talented. Q A Q PLEASE KEEP SINGING AND ANIMATING AND LET'S PLAY TETRIS SOME TIME!!

Ah, this song is one of my favorites and you sounded so nice singing it! We really should talk more. OTL Timezones. BUT thank you so much for making me a present! Q A Q It was really sweet of you! I remember the days I called you a loli pedo or something like that. x'DD You're awesome! Thank you again! >__<;

Please, please, please love yourself more. You're beautiful! You're amazing! I don't know how I could be friends with someone so talented and adorable! I wish with all my heart that one day you will realize all these things about yourself. It's ok. One step at a time and breathe. I really do love your voice and admire your talent! You can even draw! Thank you for being a friend to me. I hope to be there for you whenever you need me. I love you ; n ;)// <3

Oi. You. DD8 YOU ARE SO PRETTY---!! /shotshotshot I kid. But you are pretty. < A <" I think you're really amazing at dancing and cosplaying! Thanks for wishing me happy birthday, it really meant a lot to me. OTL I haven't known you for long but we bonded quite a bit when I was in HK. 8'DD Yes, timezones. DD'8 I can always count on you to throw me into a pit of lava to ask me how I am and you're just a great friend! I love you, you handsome dancing trap. = w=)b

AHHH---!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW SINCE YOU'RE ON VACATION. DD8 I MISS YOUR VOICE. I MISS YOUR BRITISH-NESS. DDx BABY COME BACK TO MEEEE--!! Thanks for being the first one to wish me happy birthday on my actual birthday! I love you so much. >__< You're funny and talented and a great friend. DD8 GAWD, I MISS YOU. ; A ;)// <3

Thanks for the pretty song you covered! ; A ; We don't talk as much as we used to, but I still consider you a good friend. >__<; You're really so multi-talented and I wish I could have at least even HALF of your talents! xDD I hope to one day meet you and hang out! ; __ ;)/ I love you! Let's catch up some time soon!

You adorable horny ...son(?) of mine(?). DD8 I swear, you are the only one who can pull off those two at the same time. o__o ANYWAYS, I love you! Thank you for spending my birthday with me in the morning with Niiro and Anba! It was lots of fun. I can't thank you enough for always being there for me and hearing me whine and plus that one time when I went semi-beserk on you. 8'DD You're a great friend and I really do adore you. I don't mean to be stupid sometimes, but I am. OTL So, yeah. I love you!

Q___Q YOUR BIRTHDAY SPAM ON MY FACEBOOK. FOODPORN. I LOVE YOU. Q A Q I always want to be there for you because you're one of my closest friends as well. >__<)// <3 If you ever need me, I'll be there. Text me or even call if it's late and I'm sleeping, I'll still wake up. OTL You're amazing and so talented!! FFF--!! ; __ ; I love you so much. You're a great friend and I can always count on you to make me laugh. When I go visit, I'll be sure to girl-y up. Just for you. ; n ;

You're so cute and evil at the same time. ; w ; THANK YOU A LOT for the lovely Sorry to You cover. That song. x'DD Ah, you're adorable and you have so much energy. xDD It's always fun to have you in calls and thank you for celebrating my birthday with me in that karaoke circle. It was loads of fun and I adore you. >__< Please always be cheerful and silly just the way you are.

You are hands down one of the sweetest guys I know and I am honored to be your Carsis. Q w Q You are really talented and I hope to see more uploads up soon. DD8< NO, DON'T TELL ME TO CALM MY TITS BECAUSE I WON'T. DD8< Please be happy! I love you and one day, when I go to Australia, if I ever, I DEMAND A LAMINGTON. DD8< OR TIM TAMS. I hope you'll finish that JBF rap one day! ; w ;)// <3

Funny, we didn't talk at all on my birthday. DD8 But, we talk enough every day as it is. OTL You're a really great friend and I'm always here if you need someone to be your secretary and what not. I still can't believe I'm friends with you sometimes, but that's just my fandork side showing. OTL I really don't know what else to say besides you always make my day with your silliness and you always say the funniest things. Plus, you can be really times. < w <; I also really do think you're talented and sing REALLY well, not being fan girl biased here. Thank you for being friends with me and always spending time with me. I love you! >__<)// <3

WHY YOU MAKE MY FAN GIRL HEART GO DOKI DOKI WITH YOUR COVER. DD8 I love you!! Q A Q I know we barely talk but you're a really good friend as well. I don't see you online much but when I do, my fan girl stalker senses tingle. < w < LOL. OTL You're an AMAZING singer and you're really funny. xDD Plus, you're one sexy British man. >8DD Thank you for being a great friend! You're awesome. ; A ;)// <3

All of my friends,
Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for laughing with me..and at me at times. /SHOT x'DD I love you all so much. I don't know what more I could possibly say or do to show you than just by being there for you. I'm sorry I can't do more. I'll try to always be online and available. I'm not very good at helping you guys with singing, mixing, animating, or drawing and stuff like that, but if you ever need to find someone to cheer you up or just to talk to, I'll be there. I hope that you all know I love you guys. I'm a sap that cries and I sometimes can be a jerk, but I do care. I do want to see you guys always happy and laughing. That's all I could ever want. To know you guys are happy and well. I love you all.
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*huggles Carmen* ;w;) i consider you a friend too. You're a fun person, Carmen, and you're such a friendly stalker <3 /shot

but that aside, i'm glad to have made your day (well technically the day before) a bit more special. Keep being yourself! :>

P.S. "defile my honor as a maid" ... LOLOLOL
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