The family.
I'mma blog about the family I live with, actually, I'm just going to blog about their dogs. x'DDD SO! LET'S GO. OTL

1. Sage, the adorable black "fluffbutt." o w o)b
My friend Orange's dog. Sage is the biggest dog out of the three I live with, but she's also the most quiet. I'll admit, she kind of scared me at first, because she's so big and I'm kind of afraid of big dogs because I don't really see many. BUT GAHHHH, THIS DOG IS SO AMAZINGLY ADORABLE AND FLUFFY. ; w ; I just love her big brown eyes and tail. Though, I haven't really touched her tail yet. x'DD She's fun to pet and she tried to protect me from the smaller dogs when they first barked at me a lot. Her whimpering is too cute and it makes me want to hug her. ; __;)// I can tell she's really close with Orange and that Orange loves her very much. They make a perfect pair to me. = w=)b

2. Junior, the needy, non-stop barking Chihuahua Pinscher mix. OTL
This is my friend's mom's dog. She's really cute but I keep forgetting she's a she and not a "he" due to her name. OTL When I first moved in here, haha, funny story...I locked myself out of my room. EVERYTHING WAS IN THERE. My keys. My cellphone. My food. My iPod. OTL SO! I didn't know no one was home and I went out to the living room. Haha. BAD MOVE, Tanuki. OTL Junior and her mom, Kona, who haven't met me yet, were on guard duty. :'DDD They immediately began barking and growling at me. OTL I kind of stood at my door way for 15 straight minutes going "Shhh..." with my hands up like they were gonna shoot me. OTL They've finally warmed up to me. However, Junior will still bark. It's really funny when Junior and Sage fight each other for petting and affection. I wanna pet them both, but Junior and Sage must allow me to pick one of them. Junior also is REALLY pretty. I love her eyes as well.

3. Kona, the quiet Momma Pinscher.
I haven't really played or hung out with Kona much, but she's Junior's momma. She seems really sweet and the way I tell her and Junior apart, is that she's a little bigger and chubbier than her daughter. x'DD SHE'S SO CUTE AS WELL. I love her ears. Q A Q She seldom barks and doesn't really ask to be petted. She is my friend's dad's dog. I hope to get to pet her more today. ; u ;

Yup. My spiel on the family's dogs. There's also two more dogs and a cat named Luna that I haven't really met or played with. I think they're all adorable. It makes me want to have a corgi so badly.
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