It breaks my heart every time.
I'm not able to do anything for him. I can't hug him. I can't be there for him. I can't make him feel better like they can. I wish I could and do more than that. I want him to always be the funny, adorkable jerk of a guy he is. I don't want him to cry. If I could, I'd try to do anything I can for him. I just want him to laugh and smile. I wish he will be ok soon. I want to comfort him with the right words. It breaks my heart every time I know he's crying. Please, laugh and smile again soon, like you always do. Until then, I'm here for you. I'll do what I can for you. Whatever you may need that I can obtain, let me know. orz However, you won't ask that of me because someone else fills this place better than I can or perhaps ever will.
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