Surreal dreams.
It's not surreal, yet at the same time, they seem to forever be only dreams.

I had a couple of dreams mixed together last night since I woke up a lot for some odd reason. They all had Berry in it. It's really weird because in my dreams, I didn't have "anime/manga" vision like I kind of did for the AX dream that should never be mentioned ever again. orz I honestly felt like I had met him, face to face in my dream. However, it probably won't ever happen in real life, but it felt like it could. Like he was face to face with me in reality. I don't remember it now, but I just know, he looked really handsome and adorable in my dream. x'DD Just like his photos. It was a really weird dream for the reasons that it seemed realistic and at the same time, had the elements of it being only a dream.

First dream I had was when I was in a car with these two ladies I didn't know. We were waiting for someone to get out of some apartment looking place. I heard a car door open and slam and next thing I know, a guy was sitting next to me. It was Berry. The ladies were Maya's mom and his mom. (IT'S WEIRD AS HELL THAT I IMAGINED HOW THEY LOOK LIKE, I KNOW. WHAT THE FAWK IS WRONG WITH ME?!) They dropped themselves off at an Asian mall and said we could go wherever we wanted as long as we'd pick them up at 7. So, I climbed into the shotgun seat and Berry was the driver. But while we were saying bye to the ladies, Berry's mom asked me who I was, and I was all polite and stuff. She smiled and said I like this girl. I felt really proud. (LOL. OTL) And then it was just Berry and me in the car. And this conversation went on.

"So, where should we go, my princess?"
"I'm not a princess."
"Oh, but you're mine. ;DD"
"What did I do? D;"
"You know what you did."
"What? Wait, awwww, are you blushing?"
"What? How?"
"NEVERMIND, let's just go visit Lucy or something!"

And then for some odd reason, we went to visit Lucy. Yes. She lives in California in my dream. :'DD (I'mma try to piece my dream together at the end of this.) However, when we got to her house, there were two ladies that were taking care of her pets. She had a pet tiger, a big, black dog like Sage, a hedgehog, and a Scottie. The ladies said they were her aunts and then I realized the tiger was hurt and was shot. Then the ladies kidnapped me and Berry and told us to STFU while they went to some headquarters. They were like part of a riot group that involved toys. Yes. Toys. I think that was when I woke up and went back to sleep because my dream made no flippin' sense. It then switches to another dream. Apparently, my whole senior class and Berry decided to go to Six Flags. However, we were at an airport? My friends were asking me who Berry was because they thought he was really good-looking. I got jealous and weird and said why don't you go talk to him yourselves? Adreana got mad at me and called me a bitch. Later, I went to talk to Berry, and we had another convo where he was making me all flustered on purpose. We both went to a McDonald's in the airport. (I think this was the HK airport because it was arranged like the HK airport.) While we were chowing down on snack wraps, he all of a sudden went on one knee and was causing a huge scene about proposing to me. I was calling him stupid and telling him to get up. SO, I just went out and pretended I didn't know him. He was laughing and I was all flustered. I then woke up again. This time I was just at Berry's house, I was hanging out in his room and all of a sudden really wanted to see his dog Yogurt. (His dog's name isn't that, but for weird purposes that in case he reads this though I really hope he doesn't, he hopefully won't know I'm talking about him, though this whole blog is really obvious ANYWAYS.) I then woke up.

My dream was probably made up of a lot of things I saw yesterday and over the week. I think I had the dream about him just because I really did miss him a lot yesterday and was thinking about him a lot. I wanted to call him so many times and text him, but I was really too busy just walking at my friend's pace yesterday in the city that I didn't really get to. The reason for meeting his mom was probably because I told the "kdaw" story to someone yesterday because we were talking about embarrassing moments. It was also because I hoped she was ok from the other night. Yes, I'm worried about someone else's mom that I've never met. Yes. I am weird. Yes. ANYWAYS, moving on, to Lucy being in my dream, I just miss her a lot. OTL I feel like I haven't really talked with her as much as I used to. And all the animals? I don't know the purpose behind that. The McDonald's thing was probably because of yesterday's conversation with him. He said something about doing that if he ever met me in real life. I think it was also because I asked him if we were still "internet married." Yeah. It was a really nice dream. If only I'd ever meet him in real life, that'd be nice. But sometimes, dreams will only stay as fantasies? I'd really like to meet him though. WHAT'S REALLY WEIRD IS THAT I CAN IMAGINE HIM IRL. OTL I used to not be able to do this. Gawd, I wonder if it's because I feel like I haven't been talking to him much. I miss him a lot. I miss just talking to him the whole day about God knows what.
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