College, how I love you. I do, but I feel like I'm disappearing from my internet life. That's fine, right? It's probably healthier for me anyways. But. How do I let go of this year I poured so many hours of my life into? How can I tell myself to forget all these people or stop caring as much? They were all I had when I felt like I was all alone and wouldn't have a single friend. They were there when I didn't have any friends. It's hard to ignore all that. I know I'm being stupid right now and definitely butthurt. I'm also kind of just passing time during my break. I don't know what to do. I can forget this stuff. Honestly, I can. I just can't find the heart to go through with it. I just wish I wouldn't feel this way. I'm so tired of acting like everything's ok and I can handle it, because honestly, I can't. I feel this one big gap. I've felt it since the start of summer, maybe even the start of the year. I don't know what's wrong anymore. Even if I do, I don't know who to talk to. I just want someone to listen. I don't know. I hate myself so much.
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