Playful Kiss, life in general, etc.
I've been watching a lot more things lately. Playful Kiss, Angel Beats, and Eden of the Easy are some of more recent watches. I finished Angel Beats last week and Eden the week before. I just started Playful Kiss with Berry and it's pretty funny. x'DD

When we were watching Playful Kiss, I couldn't help but get secondhand embarrassment for Oh Ha Ni. OTL She reminds me of myself at times. NOT THE WHOLE CRAZY IMAGINATIONS THING, but just who she likes and how she acts. It makes me laugh and irritated at the same time. The boy is very good-looking though. *____*

Life's been good. I've been making more friends at school in my Figure Modelling class and I still need to do that homework. Parents drive me crazy. Nothing really new. I had a lot to say but then I got sleepy. x'DD I'll probably go in a bit if Berry doesn't come back to call. He and Grapefruit got into an argument but I think all's been resolved. I need to stop. I really do. Why can't I stop? It's been more than a year. This is insane. I was always able to let go and move on easily since I never attached myself to guys. What makes him so bloody different? I don't even know. He meets all the ideals, but that doesn't mean he's the one. Dream guys are dream guys for a reason. Lying to myself never seems to work. SLEEP TIME.
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