If you're happy, I'm happy!
Orange said I had a lose-lose situation today. If Berry's happy, I'm not happy, and if Berry's unhappy, I'm still not happy. OTL IT WOULDN'T BE THE CASE IF HE WAS ACTUALLY TRULY HAPPY! Q A Q I felt really bad today. I was being a bad friend. orz I got really frustrated at Berry because I felt like he was ignoring me/not telling me anything and of course, I'm worried! I got mad and took a nap to calm myself down, but then during my nap he needed me...and I wasn't there for him. >: It's like every time it even SLIPS my mind to just give it all up and become someone else on the internet, God plays a trick on me and tells me to stay. He also likes using situational irony on me. When I was talking with Peach about all this, Just Be Friends' piano cover started playing. orz

I'd do anything I can to make him happy again. I just want to hear him laugh and be cheerful. It's so heart breaking to hear him cry. All I end up doing is crying as well. I'm a bad friend. I'm a big crybaby who has no reason to cry, but I do so anyways. I can somewhat empathize with him since it CAN slightly be the same experience as my one-sided feelings with him. I love him, but he doesn't care. He loves Grapefruit, but he doesn't seem to care. Grapefruit doesn't understand what he has. Berry's a wonderful guy. Even if he unintentionally makes me cry, even if he laughs at me when I'm down, even if he teases me to no end, he's a very sweet and wonderful guy. I just want him to be happy. Anything. God, I'll pray and pray over again, please help him find happiness. And now Your Love is My Drug is playing. THANK YOU. DD8<

Wo mm zi deem ho yi jing lay hoi sum. Wo zeh hai seng lay hoi sum. Wo kay sut mm zi deem gai wo jong yi joh lay gum loi ga. Wo chong loi may see goh gum jong yi yut goh lam jai gah. Lay hai wo dai yut zi gum jong yi..ho lun "oi" yut goh lam jai.

I am too lazy to pinyin Canto. TOO DIFFICULT. /o/;; But yeah, I think Berry's my first love. It's too bad my first love story is so "tragic." I feel like the Cinderella that got to meet her prince, but the prince never bothered to look for her after the ball ended, because he fell in love with some other girl. Seriously though, when I get the skills to, I WANNA PITCH THIS AS A SHOUJO MANGA IN JAPAN. I'll never tell my editors that it was based off my own experience though. The embarrassment would kill me.
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