"Cute" and whatever is of relevance to me tonight.
I've been called cute too often by my friends lately. OTL IT'S NOT CUTE. Q ___ Q THESE FEELINGS AREN'T CUTE. IDEK. They're "ok" again. /o/;; It's nights like these which make me feel like his "rebound"/shoulder to cry on/ punching bag. x__x; Then again, Period-chan makes her appearance this week. :'DDD AND I AM TRYING TO DRAW 30 HEADS IN ONE NIGHT. OTL

As long as he'll be happy, then so be it. It'll keep going round and round. At least, it seems that way. I don't know what else to do for him. I guess just wait and see. I'll blog later, but for now...BACK TO DRAWING. OTL
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