Dear Andbro,
Congratulations! You made it you little "derpy penguin!" You've graduated, woot, party time, right? WRONG. DD8< ...Just kidding. I hope you have a good graduation ceremony and stuff and all that jazz.! I'm typing this in school in order to make sure I won't cry. >B'DD I'm such a manry Carsis. /shot shot shot. But yeah, I remember those days we'd talk about our "problems." *COUGHCOUGHROMANCENONOTREALLYCOUGHCOUGH* Q A Q Anyways, I'm rambling because I don't really know what to say SINCE I'VE ONLY KNOWN YOU FOR A YEAR, ALL IN ALL. /shot I'm proud of you little bro. = u=)b You've grown from "those days" you mentioned in your blog. At least, it seems so. I really wish you'd stay young and in high school forever since right now I'm in college and it sucks. /shot BUT. SINCE YOU'RE WAYYY MORE STUDIOUS THAN YOUR SIS, YOU'LL BE FINE. 8'DDD;; It's weird, to think of my younger friends graduating and finishing another step in their life. You're one of the first so I GOT PRACTICE. I WON'T CRY WHEN THE NEXT FRIENDS' GRADUATIONS COME ALONG. Take care little man. = u=)b I just wanted you to know I love you, you're really like a little brother to me. I wish I was a better big sis, so yeah. If you have any problems and you need someone to talk to you, I hope you have a big "LET'S TALK TO CARSIS" sign lighting up in your head, if not, there should be one. D':< Just kidding, just kidding. PS. Thanks for making me choke on my Sprite. It burned. LMAO

Lots of why the fawk is she saying all this love, Carsis.
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