Waiting For You.
I was on Broccoli's tumblr and was being a creep. I started reading his posts on the LDR challenge and I started tearing up a little. Call me a sap, but yeah. He and Cookie are so sweet. I wish that they'll meet each other one day. I pray that they'll be happy forever. Things like this, make me hopeful for my own love some day. If I have one, I'd cherish him for as long as he'll allow me to. Too bad Berry isn't mine to cherish. For now, I'll cherish him in my own silent way. It's all I'm allowed to do for him. Until then, hey, true love, if you're out there, please reach me soon. Please? >__<;;

Funny I codenamed him Broccoli, but it just fits so WELL. L-LOL. OTL
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