Bursts of happiness.
Today was a all in all good day. I mean, come on, I woke up early, got to make my hair all nice and pretty while talking with Berry on the phone during his lunch break, and oh. Yeah. I locked myself out of my room. OTL YUP. At first, I was quite calm, since Berry was on the phone and my roommate/friend's sister was home and I don't like freaking out in front of not so familiar people. After she went to go look for her cat, I panicked. I WAS DESPERATE ENOUGH TO BREAK INTO MY ROOM. One problem. I didn't know how. My friend's sister then said I could try jumping through the window. So, going outside to inspect the window, I left the door open, but, y'know, gotta love that winter breeze. |'DDD It slammed it shut. I was still on the phone with Berry and he was cracking up. OTL I locked myself out of the house this time. SO. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I rang the door bell. The sister sees me and says "You should stay away from doors today." It was getting towards my bus time and I got even more desperate so I agreed to go vegan for a week if my friend's sister would open the window for me. Then, there I was, hoisting my fat self up that window and flopping onto my bed. OTL Ugh. Never again. It was more like I rolled myself over the window sill. = u =''

All in all a humorous day, with the next lovely surprise. An old woman at the bus stop started up a conversation with me. She went on about how everyone has a talent out there and how lucky I was to be developing it even more at an art college. She then went on about marriage and that if I ever get kids I should support them just as well with their talents. It was kind of embarrassing when she asked me if I had a boyfriend or significant other because she said I looked like I was "in love" while checking my phone. ///n///; I told her no, of course. She smiled and told me that the right one will come along one day. x'DDD SHE WAS SUCH A NICE OLD LADY. Q A Q; I wanted to draw her something and give it to her before she left the bus, but I didn't make it in time. Hopefully, I'll meet her again. ; u ;'' She was very nice. I love talking to people of all ages. Kids are forever mesmerizing with their unlimited bounds of energy and naivety while elderly are stimulate the mind with words of wisdom and experience. My parents told me I'm quite the chatterbox and can talk with anyone ranging from the age of 3 to 60. I'm glad I am. I'm thankful to be able to talk to most people of different ages. /o/

I had a good day today.
I hope to stay easily amused forever.
It's the little happy things that are so special.
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