Recent Fushigi Yugi phase and surprise!

*coughcough* S-still sick. OTL


I recently (basically just yesterday) got into Fushigi Yugi. I remember reading it when I was young and was not particularly interested in it. However, I was what...12? This book was for more mature audiences so I guess I just couldn't relate to it at the time. Then again, how could I ever relate with it? I've never popped into a book before. orz BUT YEAH. I really enjoyed it. Nuriko's death was simply heartwrenching. ; _____ ; I cried for about a good hour. It just made me so akgjkaslghakgj;al!! OTL He finally resolved on how he wanted to live and bam. Just dies protecting everyone. ; m ; AHHHH--!! It's ok. I'm ok. I-I'M FINE. Q A Q I finished the whole 18 volumes yesterday. A good...12 hours. L-LOL. OTL I think my favorite besides Tamahome was Nuriko and Chichiri. ; u ; The monk made me smile with his wisdom. I'm glad Lime and Marshmallow introduced me to it again. It was a nice change. x'DDD I ended up reading the prequel Genbu Kaiden today as well. OTL ASKJGKLAS;GHA!! But yeah. It was a nice change of pace. I want to sing again and stop being sick already. ; __ ; I ONLY HAVE A WEEK LEFT---!!!
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