Little things that make me paranoid.
I feel left out lately. It's not like I exactly reach out to others so I understand, but when I do attempt, I feel like I get forgotten or ignored, which often is probably NOT the case. I get reminded often that I'm not alone though, but I just tend to not reach out to others. It's my fault if anything in the end that I feel lonely or alone. I just don't feel like I "fit in" anymore. x'DDD Is that weird to say when this is the only place I've ever felt like I belonged? I'm extra mope-y because I'm at that "time of the month" I'm sure. However, I hate how it feels like in order for me to continue to be remembered, I have to continually chase and cling to these relationships. Without the internet for a couple of days, I feel completely left behind because every day moves quickly. One day I will learn to do better and balance myself out. I've just been feeling "Sayoko" lately. |'DDD I get like this when I lack human interaction. I feel like I haven't talked much and when I don't, I hate the quiet. It will be ok.

Why do I shut myself out when I desperately want to tell someone?
It annoys even me.
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